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The highly multi-purpose, practical and powerful Pawnee steam generator is the company’s flagship product with over 20,000 customers in Italy alone. It is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces such as steel, marble and any floor, as well as fabrics, carpets and upholstery.

The professional steam cleaner, made of antibacterial plastics, has a dry steam jet at 160°, fulfilling the requirements of the HACCP regulation and proving to be the ideal steam cleaning machine for all activities related to food production and serving such as the food industry and catering

The Pawnee steam generator is equipped with a 2000 W boiler heating element that raises the steam temperature to 160°.

The professional cleaning steam generator uses a HEPA H13 filter that produces perfectly filtered air.

The professional steam generator can sanitize any surface, even fabrics, mattresses, carpets and car interiors. It also eliminates mold, bacteria and reaches any corner, the most hidden and unreachable spots as well.