About us

Welcome to maltasteam!

We are a passionate company dedicated to providing high-quality steam cleaning machines. Our mission is to deliver exceptional cleaning solutions to professionals and businesses across various industries.

We stand out with our wide range of steam cleaning machines, designed to offer superior performance, reliability, and versatility. We take pride in offering innovative products that meet even the most demanding cleaning needs.

As official distributors of Novaltec steam cleaning machines, a leader in the industry, we bring our customers superior quality products and customized solutions.

Our highly skilled team is always ready to provide expert support and guidance in finding the perfect cleaning solution for your specific needs. We are here to assist you in selecting the right machine, providing training, and offering post-sales support.

By choosing Maltasteam, you can trust that you'll get cutting-edge steam cleaning machines, high-quality service, and exceptional results. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and helping you create a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient environment.

Join us on the journey towards elevated cleanliness and hygiene. Contact us today to discover how Maltasteam can make a difference in your cleaning operations


About our products

At Maltasteam, we take pride in offering a range of top-quality cleaning machines that are built to deliver exceptional performance. Novaltec's machines are designed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimum functionality and efficiency in every cleaning task.

We understand the importance of reliability, which is why all our products come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment. With our machines, you can tackle any cleaning challenge with ease, whether it's removing tough stains, sanitizing surfaces, or maintaining a spotless environment.

One of the key features of our machines is their powerful suction capability. In addition to the steam cleaning functionality, our machines are equipped with advanced vacuum technology, allowing you to effectively remove dirt, debris, and allergens from various surfaces. Experience the convenience of both steam cleaning and powerful suction in a single machine.

Choose Maltasteam for your cleaning needs and elevate your cleaning routine to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. With our high-quality products, exceptional functionality, and comprehensive warranty, you can confidently achieve immaculate results every time.