Mira floor cleaner

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Mira is a compact, small, and extremely agile professional floor cleaner designed to be used by a person on the floor. Its swiveling handle that rotates 360° makes this professional floor cleaner highly maneuverable. It's essential for cleaning under tables, chairs, furniture, and shelves in environments like bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, and offices. The new lithium batteries allow you to work wirelessly and with full autonomy.

Convenient, lightweight, and effective, the Mira floor scrubber is ideal for routine cleaning as it ensures perfectly clean and shiny floors. This professional floor cleaning machine sanitizes, polishes, and dries 100 square meters in just 6 minutes using only 3 liters of water. The ability to set 3 brush speeds allows you to work from 140 to 210 revolutions per minute, achieving excellent results in no time.

Some advantages that Mira offers include:

  • Easy to handle
  • 360° swiveling handle
  • Ergonomic and equipped with an intuitive control panel
  • Easy to fill - The solution tank can be filled directly
  • washes and dries all kinds of flooring;
  • Easy to empty - Practical and lightweight recovery tank