BlackHawk R

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The Black Hawk R steam generator, made entirely of antibacterial plastic, represents the evolution of traditional Novaltec Group machines for excellent industrial and professional cleaning.

Unlike the smaller Pawnee R steam cleaning machine, it has a 1200 W vacuum motor, a 3400 W immersion boiler heating element and a steam temperature of 175° C.

Other pluses include upgrades such as the HEPA H13 filter, UV lamps inside the recovery tank  and visual control of the water and detergent level.

The Black Hawk R professional steam generator has a HEPA H13 filter that allows high-level filtration of the outgoing suction air. The filter status can be easily checked thanks to the three LEDs that indicate by green light “filter OK”, yellow light “alarm”, red light “filter to be replaced”. At the same time, the UV lamps, mounted in the lower part of the head, guarantee immediate sanitization of the dirtiness collected inside the recovery tank, eliminating bacteria and bad smells.